Just Fix the Messed Up Economy ECL

Screenshot_20191016-082417_Chrome.jpgSnake Eating Dictator Edgar Chagwa Lungu may tomorrow pull another of his several fake cards and pretend before God and before the world that he is a christian who means well for all Zambians. This card he has used over and over again. However, his true character has since been exposed for all to know who he really is now. Little is hidden as he himself has portrayed, together with those at the centre of looting the national resources, what their true motive has been. It is all clear that they just mean to Loot & loot the national resources, steal & steal from the Zambians and rob & Rob without restraint to the core from all Zambians of all their resources.

Now without shame, they tempt to extend this grip on power through Bill 10. Which is just a sly tool they intend to sneak in through parliament for their own comfort. How selfish can people be, and to what extend shall Zambians tolerate such nonsense?

If the PF led government under ECL was even just a bit serious they could have at least by now:

1 – gone back on the images (49)US$1,000,000 fire tenders that rose blood pressures for all Zambians and indeed the sellers of the wheel burrows themselves as Mulusa stated already. Our research shows now that those trucks actually cost just under US$250,000. The inflated loot equivalent of US$750,000 exists somewhere. Zambians are funding that theft.

2- gone back on the over $280,000 ambulance each procurement scandal supervised by Chitalu Chilufya, Our search shows that the best ambulances could be sourced at  US$78,000 each. Thiefdom beef of more that US$202,000 AN-AMBULANCE-navigates-its-way-on-the-Kabwe-Ngabwe-road-in-Chief-Mukubwe-990x1192

3- Reviewed the US$4,800,000 Toll plazas each construction scandal. Our costing show that the Toll Plaza could be constructed under US$700,000 instead of US$4,800,000 calling a Thiefdom card of US$4,1 Million

4-Revisited the Gulf Stream 650 Jet purchase and gave back the money to Zambians for medicines now just a myth in hospitalsIMG-20190227-WA0040

5-Could have seriously revisited the carelessly borrowed Euro-bond funds and accounted for them comprehensively. But under Snake Eating Dictator ECL, that is not in the horizon.

6-By now collected back the money the former ministers got illegally as ruled by the courts.

But The PF Regime are not interested in serving the Zambians because they themselves are the culprits. They steal from the people whom they want to lead for prayers. Instead the leaders are busy showing off their snake eating habits while threatening soldiers of their jobs. Please stop threatening civil servants, leave the civil service alone, you and your cabinet must stop stealing.

Zambians deserve a better leadership with a clear positive vision to both give hope to the starving masses and suffering patients without medicines and students stripped off the meal allowances.


Part of the looting family…. in PF

lusambo1download (43)

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