On Professor Lungwangwa MP Nalikwanda

Professor Lungwangwa is not only a disappointment to the honourable people of Nalikwanda whom he is supposed to represent in the august house of National Assembly, but also both a total disgrace to his party that believed in him and a total let down to the academic world.

Professor Lungwangwa has of late been heard saying he is no longer towing the party lines but rather his personal selfish agenda. What a disgrace this is. If he was a little younger, excuses could have been drawn for him. Alas this is an old man who carries around a clout of automatic respect among the general citizenry. Sadly, their respect and trust have been abused by this one selfish professor loaded with self-centeredness

Lungwangwa like Luo have both shocked masses as regards their level of performance in politics as MPs, who are also professors. They both have lamentably failed with nothing much to show as champions in the National Assembly. Most Zambians had a belief that with two professors on the floor, one in the front bench while the other in the back bench, the house would see an uplift in debates while charting the Zambian national agenda without fear or favour. Alas, this dream is drowned, these two professors are a mere disaster. Instead their private personal agendas are being pursued in every corner. This is a total catastrophe for Zambians and let alone the entire world that confers their professorships.

Lungwangwa was elected under the umbrella of the UPND as an MP for Nalikwanda Constituency. Lungwangwa has not been visiting the people of Nalikwanda as an MP, he has literally abandoned the constituency since being ushered into parliament. Ideally he was supposed to be a leader of the opposition in the house, showing qualities worth learning from for both the newly elected MPs across parties in parliament and younger people seeking politics with an academic thump. But that has not come to pass.

Lungwangwa is verified to be useless all his tenure as an MP for Nalikwanda. He has just been in that seat feeding his belly and not doing anything in his constituency. Sadly he sits on several committees with numerous allowances. This disease must be stopped for all MPs who DO not RESIDE in their constituencies. Only those holding Cabinet offices must be exempted. Zambians must demand that all MPs reside in their constituencies and not moonlighting in streets of Lusaka

Our researchers have struggled to dig out anything of substance Lungwangwa could have achieved even from his MMD days. The UPND made a fatal error by imposing this useless professor on the people of Nalikwanda, they did not need this Professor Lungwangwa. The respect and honour Lungwangwa was granted was a sheer waste of political space for the Nalikwanda people. At least the Professor could have redeemed himself now when it matters the most on issues of National Agenda since he has never sparked as an MP to attract praises.

For future, political parties must learn not to follow personal clout to overshadow the National Agenda outfits when selecting individuals to represent masses in the August House of the National Assembly. Lungwangwa is just one example of such a one and has genuinely proved useless as an MP.

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