PF Cadres Surround Nkhomesha’s Ceremony

The PF cadres under the sponsorship of Home Affairs Minister Steven Kampyongo and PF Secretary General Davis Mwila, have surrounded the sombre Chikwela Makunbi ceremony of the Soli People in Chongwe District.

Over 500 PF thugs were ferried from Lusaka to Chongwe this morning to the site where the Chikwela Makumbi ceremony is taking place.

This morning they closed roads, terrorised innocent motorists with their thuggery motocade as they swarmed Great East Road to Chongwe.

The PF thugs intend to attack innocent people who are peaceful and anyone from the opposition just because the uncouth PF leadership could not attend the ceremony for obvious reasons.

This pathetic and lawless action by PF thugs under the leadership of Steven Kampyongo is sickening and totally un Zambian.

This shows that the PF never mean well at all for peace. They are the violent party and everyday that passes by, this is reinforced.

It is sad that PF, under the leadership of Snake Eating Dictator Edgar Chagwa Lungu, still think they can force people to like them. How they think they can achieve this boggles the mind. This is an absurdity and takes the country decades backwards.

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