Petty Thieving is on the Raise

The majority of Zambians keep battling with the basic needs of livelihood. The starvation crisis in Southern, Western and parts of Central provinces are real and not a child’s play matter as PF government is handling the matter.

A poor owner of a car, now has to have a spare wheel tyre cover engraved to minimise chances of being stolen for simplistic food requirements. Petty thieving under the PF regime is risen, the inflation is risen, general governance issues are mediocre and the list is long.

Against all the other issues falling in standards and ca collapsing economy, the police mobile units have been armed to the teeth. They roam the streets with masked and hidden faces feom the public, they have all new gear from head to toe, they brandish guns around as though Zambia was in a serious ately civil war situation

This situation is pathetic and sends derogatory messages to the public. Worse still it makes the general citizenry hate the police more and so not want to deal with them at all.

So ba PF, just curb petty and grand thieving. Stop corruption and looting state resource, supply hospitals with medicines, reducemealie meal processing.

It is quite strange how the PF arms the police and weaken systems to arrest the real thieves. Zambia is under siege.lungu is trying to create a police state.

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