Party Conventions

It is now constitutional in Zambia, that all political parties hold Democratic Elections within their parties prior to participating in any national general election.

The UPND must hold their National Congress as they term it, the PF must hold their convention and all other political parties must do the same.

It is no longer an act of sheer slyness to just secure party offices as though subject persons were all popular while not. Japhet Mwakalombe must be ashamed of himself to insinuate that the PF political party may waste huge sums of money on a convention. They after all famously want to hold by-elections at every turn and for them to shy away from an event that must be held once every 5 years under the pretext of lack of funds is laughable. The PF is known to have a huge support base in the government contract holders, mere looters and daylight robbers who can easily fund this important activity.

It is inconcievable to imagine that the PF party has no money when daily its members flash looted funds all over. As far as we know even Mwakalombe alone has amassed enough money that he can sponsor that PF convention. This act uplifts both the constitution and democracy. If Lungu wins the PF convention as President let it be so. Hon Mwakalombe should stop shielding Lungu from  would be challengers, just stop the nonsense and allow democracy to shine through.

HH of the UPND on the other hand must also ensure their Congress is held. The politics of financial pressure must end and both the national and party constitution upheld.

Zambians deserve to see democratically elected leaders within their parties prior to attempting the General Elections.

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