Lawlessness at Bus Ranks

Masebo Writes:

Following the boycott by Flush bus drivers in protest of extortion from PF cadres, I think the Minister of Local Govt must help his councils to take full charge of the markets and bus stations against their Caders.

This is, in fact, part of the reasons why councils are unable to collect fees for effective service delivery.

There is urgent need for political will by both President Lungu and the Local Government Minister to support councils in implementing the law. As a Lawyer, President Lungu should, in fact, be in the forefront to stop this high level of lawlessness that has become so endemic in the Country, by supporting his minister of Local Govt and indeed all councils country wide.

It is because of bringing Law and Order that the late president Levy Mwanawasa remains celebrated today among many other reasons.

Our question is, what type of legacy does President Lungu and his Ministers want Zambians to remember them for?

As it stands we are still anxiously waiting for President Lungu, if not, at least his Minister of Chiefs and Traditional Affairs to condemn the thuggery behavior of PF cadres that alarmed the Soli people of Lusaka Province and all the invited guests including some PF members that were present at the Chakwela Makumbi Traditional ceremony. The silence of the Republican President and the entire PF leadership is deafening.

It’s a subtle confirmation that the PF top leadership are the orchestrators of the attacks to embarrass her Royal Highness, Senior Chieftainess Nkomeshya Mukamambo the Second and the Guest of Honour, Paramount Chief Mpezeni and indeed all the other invited dignitaries that were present who felt very insecure with others having to abandon the event half way.

Surely is this the Zambia that PF want to paint to the International community? Is this how we shall attract investors and in particular tourism to Zambia?

Surely we can all do better than this uncivilized barbarism. This was a clear show of gross insecurity and mediocrity of the worst kind.

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