Lungu is too Lazy to think as a President

By Sara Imutowana Yeta II

One expression with much traction is one that says “umuntu mutwe”.

To be worth one’s salt a person needs a sound brain or thinking faculty.

Hence the contention that the control centre of the success or failure of a person is the brain. Today in Zambia, we are living in the most complex situation of economic misery caused by Lungu’s poor leadership. For that reason, we need an intelligent president to lead the country in addressing the current economic challenges. Regrettably, the mess maker Lungu is too lazy to think as a president and deal with his economic mess. This explains why the economic situation under his watch has moved from being bad to worse.

The question is, why?

It is because he has no intellectual capacity to deal with a dynamic economy for the reason that “umuntu mutwe”.  Lungu’s real risk is that he is merely the sum total of unreflective leader without knowledge and skills needed to steer the economy into the right direction.  He has very little time for reflective living needed for a president.

One does not need to be an expert in neurotic behaviour to see that Lungu is not a type that can seek ‘quiet time’ like intelligent presidents who constantly seek to transform experiences into information, information into knowledge, and knowledge into skills and wisdom needed to solve problems facing their countries.

He lives a life that enlivens Socrates’ dictum that unexamined life is not worth living.

If Lungu is intelligent enough to be a president, why has he not been able to observe, think, judge, learn and reflect with a growing understanding and engage the economy conceptually and practically to end people’s suffering?

The two terms he has held office Lungu has confirmed beyond a reasonable doubt that his main weakness is lack of self-insight to be a president in his own right.

This explains why he openly more than twice said that he has no vision of his own but believes in the (non-existent) collective vision of the Patriotic Front (PF).

He does not know who and what he is as a president. As a result, he does not know what he stands for because he stands for nothing meaningful to the country.  This is worsened by his lack of self-honesty to accept that he has nothing to offer as a president.

What is sad is that some people who seem to be sane support him when he clearly lacks leadership mastery at crafting a real time and dynamic understanding of how the economy works. There is no reason any stable person should show support for Lungu who has no ‘working theory’ of how the current cruel economy will be addressed.

With Lungu in power, we will soon have a full blown failed State.

He is incapable of generating new insights that can enable him to change the existing economic patterns or bring new patterns into being. He is not a person who has time for ideation because that is a reserve for a president with ‘umutwe’.

He lacks leadership mastery of having dreams about what Zambia can, may and should be. Real presidents do not allow themselves to be saturated with ‘happy juice’ all the time at the expense of idealising a better future and enriched sense of ultimate purpose for all citizens.

If one thinks that Lungu after 2021 will dramatically become masterful at dreaming in his search to make Zambia a better place for the current and coming generations, then we are in for long pitch black times. He is being pushed by self-seeking cronies to go for the third term when he has no capacity to make the existing economic situation better, or add something new, or change the current situation into something different.

Countrymen and women, we at a stage as a country when we have to make a very important electoral decision. Either choose to be a failed State or ransom the country from the jaws of the jackal by voting for a president who can think and bring the much needed hope and help into being.  And Lungu is far from being that leader. His two terms of holding office show that he lacks action intelligence needed in a president.

Simply put, he is not a leader with the capacity to navigate into the future to make desired national dreams a reality. It is not within Lungu’s brain ‘umutwe’ to bring about meaningful and lasting transformation Zambians need.

No president who is too lazy to think like Lungu has ever turned people’s desired futures into action and genuine change. It is no longer good enough in the current biting economy to have a figurehead president.

The pervasive, radical, fundamental and tumultuous features of our economy call for an action intelligent president.

A president able to adopt a reflective, real time action learning process to create meaningful and lasting change. It is not out of spite that I am saying Lungu is too lazy to think as a president and must go. It is because his leadership profile does not match up with what we need in a president who can make the country forward.

The current economic context requires in-depth leadership insight to move into the future with a clear vision. After 2021, I look forward to a leader with an authentic identity and big picture of how the economy works. A leader who can visualise, inspire new and boundary breaking dreams that will bring desired futures into being for the suffering masses.  Indeed, a leader who will bring about a legacy that will make us all proud to be called Zambians.

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