Richard Njolomba is a mere Conman

By a Research Political Journalist

Our team amidst the UPND research pointed out several scams in which some of the UPND leadership and common members are involved in as regards stealing resources from the party’s efforts to raise resources. Efforts are embarked on where huge sums of monies are raised meant for strengthening the party. Alas there are vultures amidst the party members. Richard Njolomba is just one of them.

We have noted that the shameless Richard Njolomba, is back on his past issues of money siphoning agenda.

The UPND has frequently fallen prey from within its own wings on this matter. Criminally minded and white colour thieves flood the UPND corridors of power at every slightest opportunity to get out something for themselves. Sadly the UPND leadership and its naive membership seem to be slow learners even from previous similar past incidences.

Known money mongers within the UPND zeroed onto the likes of Muleya, Richard Njolomba, Rex Michelo, Kayuni Zulu, Ndumba to mention but a few. These always emerge just prior to elections or any slightest opportunity to steal from general UPND membership.

They come in as middle men of deals and even as project experts. Here comes Richard Njolomba again, he comes again purporting to be supporting the UPND genuinely. But alas this is just a mere organised thief. Prior to the 2016 general elections, Richard Njolomba and his surrogates siphoned huge sums of money from the general innocent membership for their own selfish upkeep.

The party put up initiatives to raise huge sums of money through the K250 challenge towards 2016 election. Sadly just a small fraction of these funds added any significant value to the efforts of the party works.

Njolomba also stole huge sums of money through selling the crazy K1000 membership cards. Now he’s upped his game to K5,000 cards. What lunacy is this? Combined with k250 challenge from all well meaning Zambians, Njolomba walked away with his surrogates with huge sums of money.

Njolomba is simply a mere thief who is always appearing just before an election and always exploiting desperately moving masses as they soldier on towards freedom.

Please do not listen to this crook one more time. He has a thieving mind. Find different avenues to support the party. This is important

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