Why Does Gary Nkombo Play with PF Fire?

Our investigators have noted over time now, that the UPND law maker for Mazabuka Central Constituency has been courting PF MPs. This is not the first time we note this. The first time was when he went to bed with Kampyongo over Mukula.

Gary Nkombo has been meeting noted PF MPs at a relatives place in Kabwe and among the Perfect Failures MPs he has been meeting is Tutwa Ngulube.

It looks like Gary is using his eloquence in Parliament to decoy the UPND leadership and it is not yet known in detail why Garry Nkombo is doing this but a few reasons could explain his behaviour;

1) The law maker has lost traction among his constituents  in Mazabuka Central and he is aware of the possible long battle ahead should he attempt to stand for a fourth term in Mazabuka.

2) Gary loves money but at the moment it is in short sully and he may clearly be a broke guy. He is putting his belly up before the party.

3) He is aware that if he attempts the presidency at the UPND convention he will completely be a door mat in UPND. But for a price by the PF dirty money bank, he may succumb.

Our advice Gary Nkombo just stop it. What you are doing is simply betrayal, dirty and not worth the better futuristic good.

You do not need to trade principle for money. Besides what is the worthiness of dirty money apart from opening the jail gates. That kind of behaviour is not only cheap but also silly.

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