ECL Humbleness is questionable as long as Kaizer is his friend.

By Maiko


It goes by a saying “Birds of the same feathers flock together”

In Nsenga we say “Mbulu kutemwa ikaona mbulu iyake” ( A monitor lizard will always be happy when it see another monitor lizard) these are idioms and I’m sure we have many in other tribes or even in the English language. But these idioms were not said for nothing, they mean much about our humility. You can’t be humble if the people who surround you are not humble. If we say a hyena in a sheep skin that is another idiom that can a describe certain character in us.

We can’t claim that President Lungu is humble (I have never heard himself say so) when he is a friend to people like Kaizer Zulu, Findlay, America 1 and 2 etc people with questionable societal reputations. Its not right for Zambia to call our President a Humble and God fearing Leader when we see how violent his friends are and he can’t or wont stop them. That’s mocking God.. *Show me your friends, and I will show you who you are…..Ba Lungu’s so called humility is very questionable, as long as such pompous and arrogant people are in his inner circle…. This Kaizer’s character says a lot about the President’s real character himself*

Has he, Kaizer and others, captured the President?

President Lungu now should understand that he is not an MP, neither is he a Minister. His web for friends is wide now that everyone wants to be his friend. He can’t be stranded to find friends even if he let go 50 of his friends today. In fact the moment he does that, he will have over 100 friends without even making an effort. I’m not saying he should hate his crooked pefriends but for the sake of national security, health, peace and living, let him chose friends who can build and sustain his reputation unlike what we are seeing now.



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