KBF is a Staunch Tribalist




It is sickening, absolutely unacceptable and unZambian for an aspiring PF presidential candidate, Mr Kelvin Bwalya Fube (KBF) to seek for Zambia’s number one public office by flaunting ethnic superiority.

KBF like, GBM are typical tribalists whose evil plans may set this country on fire.

No sane leader will brag like what KBF has written on paragraph 6 of his CV. “I hail from the biggest voting region(Northern Zambia) and I am a member of Zambia’s biggest ethnic grouping.”

This is as dangerous, as it is contentious and divisive. It inflames sectarian interests and passions that have the potential to divide this country along ethnic lines.

If this is the kind of leadership that is seeking plot one, then Zambians must kiss goodbye to a united Zambia. This is what keeps dividing us as a people, this is what drags this country backwards at the expense of national unity and peace, which are essentially the critical components of development.

In part quoted.

Patrick Mucheleka

Deputy Secretary General, Politics

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