Politicians – Just be quiet and do Your Work

It is outrageous to congratulate politicians because they have done what they are employed for.

Building roads, airports, schools, hospitals and providing all other facilities and services meant to be for a general citizenry is the responsibility of those elected to political offices. These people are charged to serve the people who elected them.

It is stupid to note that the PF regime compares its activities with a political party that does not control any of the national resources. From which they draw the cheapest and most foolish form of propaganda under the sun. PF you are in power, just do what you must do. There is no shame in that.

Therefore, to start congratulating those in power because they are doing what they must do, is just bizzaire.

It is like congratulating a bank teller or indeed an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) for giving you back your money when you make the request. Now that is close to lunacy.

The challenge Zambia has, is that most politicians have embarked on a National Resources Looting Agenda (NRLA). They loot from the national reserves through corruption, they now have even started to loot land from the once reserved forests. Sadly even persons holding high offices in the justice system are involved.

Zambians are now basically on their own. No justice system because those charged to preside over justice are looters, no leaders because those charged to lead are bare criminals. The people privileged to lead have become enemies of the masses. Zambians must awake and get back their power and control their own destiny.

Bill No. 10 is meant to ensure that this does not happen. The politicians want to perpetuate their stay in office through the Bill No. 10 by manipulating the constitution. But again, that is what you get when you appoint a guitarist to be a Cabinet Minister of Justice, when when you elect drunkards to preside over a cabinet. Their real natures bring out drunkardness behaviour first prior to offering prudent leadership and guitarists mentality prior to upholding justice.

Soon Zambia shall shut down as can be seen from the rapid degradation of the Zambian Kwacha and ofcourse the economy. This is a very sad realization.

Cry Mother Zambia.

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