$4.3Million Shimabala Toll Gate Fails

Barely a year after commission, the $4.3Million Shimabala Toll Gate has had a functional failure. Today hundreds of motor vehicles struggled to get cleared passed the expensive PF Government failed Toll Gate.

This failure brings out the unreliability and poor quality product of the PF. Its almost as if everything these guys touch turns to crap. Defying all logic and reason, they went ahead with these expensive structures at enourmous expense. This was of course Typical of the “chumbu mushololwa” attitude that they have now become renowned for.

On the spot investigative journalists found the Shimabala Toll Gate mulfanctioning at 1900hrs on 23rd November 2019 and there was a backlog of well over 100 cars northbound and southbound.

What is this PF government doing to our resources? How can investments of such magnitudes start failing so prematurely. How many more $4.3 Million Toll Gates shall fail prematurely shortly after construction.

The poor management of resources reflects in many ways. Recently several roads doneup in 2016 have been seen being ripped up as government purports to upgrade the same due to the dicongestion project.

But who designed the 2016 roads? Didnt they know that in two years this new project would commence? Who is paying for these works? This is insane.

The carelessness of the PF led government on resource management is no longer amusing but is a clear indicator on how PF is clueless and dismally has failed to manage the affairs of Zambia.

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