Pilato on Bill 10

If BILL 10 is passed into law …

1) The FINANCIAL INTELLIGENCE CENTER will no longer be an independent institution. It will be placed in the DEC. Yes, the same DEC that failed to find the owner of the 48 houses is the one they want to give the power to handle more sophisticated illegal transactions. Yes the same impotent DEC that pretends to be working by arresting opponents of the president but too scared to arrest corrupt powerful people. If FIC is loses its independence, the rate at which we lose money illicitly will rise. REJECT BILL 10.

2) The president and his ministers will have the power to borrow money from other countries and organizations without consulting parliament. It will be free falling into the debt trap. After they have killed the FIC, then they will have the power to borrow money without engaging parliament and if that money ends up in the pockets of ministers DEC will be too scared to investigate them. And at the end of the day, you and I will be paying the debt that benefited a few individuals in government. REJECT BILL 10

3) The President and the Ministers will take over power from the BANK OF ZAMBIA to regulate the printing of money. Yes so the currency of this country will be printed like those campaign T-shirts especially during election period. Ehe the politicians want to have that power to control the printing of money not the properly educated people at the central bank. If this happens, we will not even be needing wallets guys, we will be carrying money mumasaka AND remember the FIC will be dead by that time and DEC will just be there waiting to investigate those who have fallen out of favour with the President and the president. REJECT BILL 10

In short BILL 10 is designed to legalize the destruction of our democracy, economy and public institutions for the temporal benefit of the current president and his ministers. If this law is passed only President LUNGU and his friends will win. SAVE ZAMBIA, REJECT THE BILL 10. President LUNGU and the PF want to legally destroy this country for their personal benefit. REJECT BILL 10


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