Edgar Lungu, Kaizer Zulu and PF are here to kill, steal and destroy Zambia.

Bill 10 Concourt judgement is a true Reflection of how 2021 is likely to be if Oopposition, church and civil society organizations don’t plan well. With what has been gathered  since Edgar Lungu ascended to the highest office,  there were very few expectations from this CONCOURT ruling on the insane bill 10.

The question is what has changed from the presidential petition ruling by the same CONCOURT? Absolutely nothing and Zambians should not expect these corrupt judges to pass any ruling against PF and Lungu. These judges have become wicked citizens who loves money more than humanity and their own country.

If you remember very well what happened when LAZ took the case of ministers staying in offices during the campaigns which has embarrassed Lungu and PF. These judges were still working as human beings but since that embarrassment Lungu suffered, they are now working for PF.

When Kaizer Zulu says he is at work, this is exactly what he means. In a previous article we stated that. ” even if Kaizer Zulu raped Tasila Lungu” in the presence of Lungu, still the man wouldn’t have energy to fire Kaizer Zulu. Kaizer’s job is to make calls and tell these public office holders what they should do for Lungu and PF to stay in power long. And they did what Kaizer Zulu told them to do.

We insist that during the 2015 and 16 elections, Kaizer Zulu played vital roles to see to it that Lungu goes to state house at all cost. This is what has made Priscila Isaac to leave the country because she refused to rig in 2016 and Kaizer Zulu was after her life.

This is why after the 2016 fraudulant elections, we suggested that we need reforms in the judiciary, Zambia police, electoral commission and other public offices such as the speaker of national Assembly.

Apparently, Lungu has more power now so much that he has dished out some to Kaizer Zulu and Kaizer has in turn passed on some of those powers to PF thugs. Leaving you and me with nothing at all.

Politically, PF knows that people of Zambia don’t like them anymore and this is why they will push for this motion to make sure that all of us we shut our mouths  completely.

The only unfortunate thing in this nation is the wrong perception that politics are for uneducated people. If our learned colleagues would for once get off their backsides and join in the fight for the survival of our country, things might have been different.

However, we want to congratulate and thank all those who came up with the petition. Your sacrifice for our nation is beyond measure. At least a case study has been placed on record and someone one day must be answerable for acting irresponsible whilst occupying public office.

Zambians! let us not get surprised if we see that bafoon Kaizer Zulu announcing election results in 2021 at Mulungushi conference Centre. Lets wake up.

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