Kaizer Zulu decided for Zambians in 2015 and 2016 and promises to do so again in 2021. We will see about that!

Taking a deep reflection on Costa Mwansa’s interview with Kaizer Zulu leaves me wondering with a lot of questions just as you too may.

Understanding the fact that Kaizer Zulu is and has always been a civil servant who by the nature of the Zambian laws is not expected to play open politics and him not being part of the Electoral Commission of Zambia which is mandated to handle and announce election results to openly claim to have made Lungu president has shocked the masses.

On the other hand, seeing Kaizer Zulu’s behavior in the office that he holds makes people wonder why president Lungu has no power to act against Kaizer Zulu.

So, this brings about the following questions;

  1. If Kaizer Zulu who is a civil servant made Lungu President, what exactly did he do? How did he make Lungu President? Did he steal the votes to make Lungu president?

Kaizer Zulu went on to say that if he was to be removed from State House then Lungu’s government and Lungu himself would not survive and will loose power.

This brings us to the second set of questions.

  1. Is President Lungu being Consititutional by allowing some citizens to be openly breaching the law that he swore to defend for the fear that they are going to expose him or he may loose power?
  2. How does Edgar Lungu hope to win the 2021 one  elections with Kaizer Zulu on his side with the hatred he is creating for the President on a daily basis?
  3. Is President Lungu’s failure to fire Kaizer Zulu confirmationation that he was made  President by him and not voted in by Zambians?

5. With the stories of Kaizer Zulu circulating, is President Lungu passively confirming           that Kaizer Zulu ihas been rigging elections and making him president against                     the law and the against the will of the Zambian people?

As Zambians, we want to be told by president Lungu why we should have a president who is held hostage by an individual or a small group of people. Why he should respect their will instead of that of the majority Zambians.

Because of the retention of Kaizer Zulu at State House, people are hating Lungu every day. Mr President including those in your inner circle and you seem to still believe in Kaizer Zulu that he will still make you retain power, can you demonstrate how?

Are you sure that Kaizer Zulu will make every Zambian accept you as president by allowing him to do the wrong thing?

Do you understand the feelings of the people about yourself and Kaizer Zulu today? We certainly hope you do.

Things are bad Mr President. You will never have the means of holding this country together starting now as you have demonstrated a lack of capacity from the day you ascended to the presicency.

Your had hoped that the IMF would bailout you out but that can never happen under your reckless regime. So please just cross the river when the water levels are still low. Don’t think Kaizer Zulu, think about the 17 million Zambians.

How powerful are you Mr President to stand against the will of the people?

Is it Kaizer Zulu who is misguiding you to rape the Constitution in order to make it easy for you to retain power Mr President?

We need to have answers to these questions Mr President. We want to see Kaizer Zulu fired with immediate effect. He is demonstrating to the entire world on a daily basis that Zambia has a President who lives in breach of the Constitution through a sarrogate without remorse.

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