PF Defrauding Citizens

$35 Million Bayport Fraud

Deducting loan repayment amounts from civil servants’ salaries yet NOT remitting these monies to the lawful owners – Bayport.

As a result, thousands of civil servants have defaulted on their loans, with their credit reputations laying in ruins. This is affecting their ability to access future finance, with many having had their loan periods extended, putting pressure on families?

Who will pay for this crime?

*National Health Insurance Fraud*

This is potentially a $100 million ( if not several times more) per month fraud against citizens.

Think about it: Would you agree for a private healthcare provider to deduct money from your account but without availing you critical information around:

a) What services you will be entitled to
b) Which healthcare facilities you will be eligible to visit?

We need to hold the PF government to a much higher standard of leadership and accountability.

The consequences of this will be immense for all of us.

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