Lets stop the stupid hypocracy.

By Lusenga Mulongoti

When millions of dollars are stolen through corruption in inflated contracts and pure embezzlement by Government ministers and officials nothing is done apart from cosmetic prosecutions which end up in ‘acquittals’. People are dying unnecessarily due to lack of medicine and medical equipment in our hospitals, people are sleeping on empty stomachs and no one in government cares.

The moment the American ambassador calls out the PF government on its hypocrisy, all hell breaks loose. Even Mr. Lungu who is known for ‘not much, not much’ suddenly finds a voice to speak.

This stupid ideology of being a Christian nation when government officials are committing serious sins in a so called Christian nation is sickening to say the least. Zambians are truly gullible people and the ruling class knows this very well.

Why should gayism upset citizens so much when millions of dollars are being stolen through purchase of fire tenders, expired medicines, purchase of a luxury plane for the comfort of the President and so forth does not upset Zambians?

We are a strange nation indeed. We  get so upset over things that will not put bread on our table and keep quiet on things that have a direct bearing on our lives.

How will the jailing of two consenting adults engaging in sex change my life in the next six months? Yet the stealing of millions of dollars by government officials and ministers which has a direct impact on our lives does not bother us at all.

Government ministers and officials are engaged in adultery, sleeping with small girls, stealing taxpayers money, Satanism and witchcraft, no one is condemning them in a so called Christian nation.

Zambians must stop this stupid thing of being a Christian nation as we are perishing slowly. Zambia is a Christian nation by declaration only, we are not Christians in practice.

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