U.S. and the EU U must effect travel bans on thieving Zambian PF goverment officials.

By David Zulu.

We may say the jailing of a Zambian gay couple by a Kampiri Mposhi Magistrate Court is the bellwether or groundbreaker of issues that have been simmering below the surface in the relationship between the US and Zambia, for a while now.

However there’s more to it than what meets the naked eye. While American Ambassador to Zambia Daniel Foote is horrified at such a blatant and excessive sentencing of 15 years of two consenting adults engaging in a Homosexual act in the privacy of their room, it is clear that the Americans have much more up their sleeve than just the gay couple sentencing.

Daniel Foote’s body language and tone looks like that of a person who’s spoiling for a long and hard fight to be heard. That he appears to have completely dismissed Zambian President Edgar Lungu and his Foreign Affairs Minister’s usual threats of sovereignty as a bunch of baloney, may underscore the fact that the Ambassador has American State Department’s full approval.

Obviously the Americans have the full details of who the thieves of the Zambian public funds are, and why it’s only gayism and not theft, violence or tribalism that can land someone in jail here in Zambia.

If all these details which include the stealing of American aid money to Zambia are on their finger tips, then the Americans can mete punishment on these culprits and their families by effecting travel bans to the United States. And since the American action is usually on pari passu with their European Union counterparts, let the Europeans including Japan, Australia, Canada and New Zealand also effect the same punishment.

Most of this stolen wealth is stashed in banks and assets in the above countries and this long awaited action will send a very strong signal that stealing public resources including aid money, does not pay and that the World has become a small place for corrupt officials.

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