Unmasking the treacherous duo of Prof. Lungwangwa and Kasonso: The tragic story of the two UPND Judas Iscariots. 

By Proud Aushi Musamba Mumba

No there was no suicide note from Judas Iscariot.

It’s just that the events of 3 December 2019 got me to thinking about some of the most notorious villains of history.

The list is endless of people who have made bad choices – Moise Tshombe of the Congo, Jonas Savimbi in Angola, Alfonso Dhlakama in Mozambique, Abel Muzorewa of Zimbabwe who all in the end turned out to be bandits. World history – Zambians must know this – is fraught with people, many of them previously respected who made choices to be soldiers of fortune.

Sadly, Nalikwanda MP, Geoffrey Lungwangwa and solwezi West MP,  Teddy Jessman Kasonso, the duo that remained in the House while their colleagues walked out gallantly after acting Justice Minister Stephen Kampyongo moved the motion to have Bill 10 restored are turning ou to be in the same mould.

There is no doubt that the proposed amendments would destroy our democracy and institutions. The proposed constitutional reforms will among other things extend the President’s powers. Prof. Lungwangwa and Kasonso’s duplicity is  known as they never came out in the open to argue against Bill 10.

Watching the two sell-outs betray Zambians with a  kiss is quite tragic.  While the heroes walked out, pay attention to the facial expression of the two. Just look into their eyes. Like Judas, they sold out on the people’s struggle for expediency. What psychological anomaly made them do it?

Judas Iscariots! Like the man that betrayed our Lord for 30 silver shekels. Scholars spend considerable amounts of time interrogating the possible motives of judases, thoughts that may be running through their heads before and after the fact, their culpability, and the status of their souls.

Most people believe Judas’ only motive for betraying Jesus to the Sanhedrin was greed. Others say he might have been trying to simply get Jesus to confound His enemies, and not condemned him to death.

The former is more correct. First off, 30 silver shekels is not much, so why do they always settle for only 30 silver shekels? Scholars of psychology analysis argue that their personalities present that of one with a weak spine and their desire to survive when they are in trouble personally.

We know that Prof. Lungwangwa is the most unpopular human being in Nalikwanda right now. Since he is no longer wanted by his own people he has devised a strategy to save his political life. This is an awful attempt to disrupt and disturb his slow political death. His whole treachery is based on a promise PF made to him that if he sided with ruling party he would be in line to replace Vice President Inonge Wina. How evil for him to wait for a (wo)man’s dead shoes.

While we know that Kasonso is motivated by greed. Kasonso is playing politics of the stomach. He is a mere hungry soul. We also hear roumours that he is not well and may have been pronised medical evacuation by PF. This may be the case, but really, do you have to sell your soul in order to have medical treatment that millions of Zambians have never and will never have access to? This speaks volumes about the calibre of person that he is. Self preservation at all costs!

Like Judas Iscariot, who betrayed Jesus with a kiss and became the most despised person in the annals of human history, Lunguangwa and Kasonso have acquired the Judas notoriety just for the love of trinkets.

Their personalities will be the darkest in the chronicles of the Zambia. We remind the duo that  the name Judas itself bears a stigma, reflecting the scorn for him that burns within people.

We also remind the two of the scripture’s disdain for Judas to such a degree that in every list of the disciples given in the Gospels, Judas is listed last, with a note of contempt after his name. Hatred for Judas is so deep that several incredible legends about him evolved in history. They describe bizarre occurrences, characterizing Judas as ugly, evil, and totally repugnant. These are the tags Lunguagwa and Kasonso will carry for the rest of their myserable political life.

One, in the Coptic narrative, says that Judas, having betrayed Christ, was infested with maggots. Consequently, his body became so bloated that on one occasion he was trying to ride on a cart through a gate, and being too large to fit through it, he hit the gate, his body exploded, and maggots spewed all over the wall. Lungwangwa and Kasonso’s political careers have taken a tragic path, a trajectory that will mark them as villains by posterity.

Lungwangwa and Kasonso have made their choices like many others villains. And those that understand how soldiers of fortune operate will know that if they don’t get paid or if they get impatient over issues, they shoot the one that hired them or they commit suicide. In this case, Bill 10 will yet prove to be a bigger phenomenon than what Lungwangwa and Kasonso have calculated.

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