What is Needed is Leadership not Fake Humbleness

Snake Eating Dictator Edgar Chagwa Lungu has always pushed ahead the humbleness card some useless clergy lot lamped on him. But Lungu has fake humbleness.

Lungu is not humble. Lungu is a cruel man. He has isolated many people based on tribe. He has had several personalities jailed just because they offer better alternatives.

What Zambia needs is good leadership not fake humblenees. Even true humbleness has its place. Humbleness is not normally considered a virtue. In the case of ECL, its even fake humbleness.

Lungu is a snake, he says one thing and does exactly the opposite. That is Lungu for you a few highlights to his lies;

■ he openly promised 500,000 jobs-delivered zero for Zambians but several for Chinese;

■ he promised the opening up Mulungushi Textiles in kabwe together with use less Tutwa so as provide jobs and local textile products -it has been 3 years without a sign of activity;

■ he promised Agricultural initiatives using Israelie technology to grow vegetables-zero

■ he has confessed that his ministers were corrupt – but has done absolutely nothing about it. Instead under his leadership, Corruption has instead been glorified.

Most PF ministers are crazily corrupt: Kampyongo, Lusambo, Kapata, Mabumba, Yaluma, Nkhuwa, Siliya to mention a few, all are corrupt to the core. Lungu has fooled the nation on wanting to reconcile the fractured nation, but alas he means non of that.

So Snake Easting Dictator ECL is a mere con. He lives with live-l1ies and goes about everything as though nothing was promised. That is not humbleness but crookedness of the highest order. Lungu has been a very expensive liar for Zambians.

Snake Eating Dictator ECL has done for Zambua in 5 years, what late Robert Mgabe did for Zimbabwe in 35 years, destroying systems and crushing the economy. Lungu together with those he chose to work have failured the 17 million Zambians.

While Zambians once gave him a benefit of a doubt, it is gettng clearer he is not worth the salt as a leader because he has no leadership qualities. Zambia needs good leadership not fake humbleness.

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