Correcting lies that delimitation process is dependent on Bill 10 becoming law.

By McDonald Chipenzi

Learned and unlearned citizens have argued that if Bill 10 does not become law, then the delimitation process and recommendations will be affected and no new constituencies will be created as it would be recommended by the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ).

This is a total fabrication of facts by those bent at passing this obnoxious Bill 10 into law with all its evil proposed clauses.

Delimitation is a standalone process provided for in the Constitution away from Bill 10 and all ECZ recommendations on proposed new constituencies, if any, can be effected without Bill 10.

This can be by moving a lone amendment to the Constitution of Article 68 (2)(a) by inserting the proposed total number of constituency based seats as would be recommended by ECZ.

Article 68(2)(a) states that “the National Assembly shall consists of one hundred and fifty six (156) members directly elected on basis of a simple majority vote under the first past the post system.”

And Article 58 gives powers to ECZ to determine the names and boundaries of wards and  guides in clause 6 that of what happens after the delimitation process is completed thus;

“the names and details of the boundaries of the constituencies and wards shall be published in the Gazette and shall come into effect on the next dissolution of Parliament or Councils.”

So where is Bill 10 mentioned in the delimitation process? So lies have got short legs to stand on while truth is cheeky like climate change. If Bill 10 will come as it was deferred from Parliament on 4 Dec, 2019, then, controversy, suspicions, mistrust will never end even when it is retabled next year.

The solution is for the Executive to withdraw the current Bill 10 and sponsor a new Bill 10 that takes on board the Raphael Nakacinda led Select Committee Report’s recommendations.



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