The Criminalization of the Zambian state: The PF regime as a mafia organisation with President Lungu as its Don.

By Proud Aushi Musamba Mumba
President Edgar Lungu is due to defend his administration’s record at the polls in 2021. No doubt his record is that of grand corruption, tolerance of petty corruption, wanton parceling of natural resources, instrumentalization of disorder and breakdown in the rule of law.
Since assuming power in January 2015, he has staked his record on the politics of humbleness, mother-loving and God fearing. Interestingly these are all the typical images of mafioso bosses. Consequently, in a typical organised crime style, President Lungu has fashioned himself as a sensitive family-centered and God fearing man.
A number of studies have found a correlation between organised crime bosses and their show for earnest piousness. Mafia dons, drug kingpins, mob bosses, organised criminal leaders are highly religious and devoted to God and the church even though it is clear that everything they do and their way of life is the direct opposite of religious norms.
One such study “Mafia and Psychopathy” published in the journal Criminal Behaviour and Mental Health, finds mobster bosses compartmentalize their feelings to separate criminal business with positive images and show for love of family and God. There is no single Mafioso boss, and drug kingpin who is not religious. Recent events in Zambia have shown that President Lungu is running a Mafia state – a system where government is tied to organised crime on a global scale.
How can the nation explain Zambian government officials, military, police and intelligence operative’s involvement in illicit activities such as ties to convicted drug lord Vijaygiri Goswami and illicit trade of Mukula? Under President Lungu the Zambian state has become a vehicle of criminal activity in the country. To understand this we have to differentiate the several aspects in which religion and Mafia cross paths. For example: when Mafiosi boss get made into the Mafia initiation ritual requires the link of God and violent instruments of power.
The use of sacred images, bible, folding arms together help to legitimize the boss, the organisation and hold their members together in unity. Strictly speaking in a criminal organisation, the boss is God, since he has the right of life and death on his subordinates.
Religion has been used throughout the centuries to control the masses and to eliminate the need to think rationally. You do not question God, God moves in mysterious ways, so on and so forth.
Paradoxically a criminal organisation works in very similar ways like a religion or a cult: it must have a hierarchical structure and you do not question your boss, otherwise you will physically, economically, psychologically suffer in mysterious ways.  All of President Lungu’s former loyalist have suffered the three. Chishimba Kambwili spends most of his life in a court room, his businesses have been shredded to nothing, and he has been subject of police violence.
President Lungu as the Father figure God.
The Mafia has a “Godfather.” This is a man who is set up or sets himself up as a god and rules over an earthly empire. President Lungu like the notorious Gambino, Colombo, Capone and Gotti are good examples of Mafia godfathers. “Lungu was chosen by God” is one such mantra by his sycophants.
President Lungu loves adoration.
As a symbol of respect in the Mafia a person would kiss the hand of the Godfather when they meet him. As a symbol of respect in the Patriotic Front (PF) a person would kneel before President Lungu when they meet him. All PF self-confessed bootlickers are good kneelers – Michael Katambo, Bowman Lusambo, Miles Sampa, Dr. Chileshe Mulenga, Caroline Mwanza, the list goes on.
President Lungu’s Kingdom on earth and rule of terror.
There is no question as to the terrible things that the Mafia does to those under its authority. Despite the fact that PF is at its weakest, the ruling party is a wild and dangerous beast. President Lungu’s ministers, advisors and police have been implicated in numerous incidents of violence, including a report on the post electoral violence of 2016.
All mob bosses want mansions now.
If you study about the mafia, mobs, drug cartels, criminal enterprises, gangs and syndicates that are involved in organized crime, you will note that they live like kings in palatial mansions. Upon assuming control of the cartel, they want their mansions like now.
President Lungu grew up in Kitwe’s Chimwemwe township and has spent his working life in Lusaka’s Chawama compound, but upon taking control of PF he suddenly accumulated a number of mansions in Lusaka. The president even owns a US$4 million mansion in eSwatini. There is no doubt as to the selfishness of the Mafia leader.
Criminal cartel leaders amess power here.
The Mafia wants unlimited power now in this present evil world and will do whatever they can to obtain it. Under President Lungu’s watch, Zambia’s proud democratic tradition has been eroded. Since coming to power in 2015, President Edgar Lungu has pursued the “holy trinity” of authoritarian leaders.
First he intimidated opposition parties and neutered civil society groups, closed critical and independent media, muting criticism of his political and economic failings. Next he used his influence over the Constitutional Court to push through a controversial third term in office.
Finally, through the notorious Bill 10 Lungu is plotting to amend the Constitution to remove the remaining constraints on his power. The aim of the PF mafia is not just to gather power. It is more fundamentally to use that power, and the resources which it can generate, to purchase the affection of Zambians.
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