From Mukula Cartel to Marijuana Cartel

By Mainda Simataa

I’m sure every Zambian has learned the hard way by now (from the Mukula scandal) never to believe anything the PF government tells them, no matter how progressive it looks on the surface, because underneath every policy-decision, lies an overriding secret profit motive to enrich the PF and specificlly a group withi the PF not anyone else and least of all the people at large.

And yet, the public/media celebrations about the “legalization of Marijuana for export and medicinal purposes only”, buffles me. But then again, Zambians can be forgiven for not being thorough in reading between the lines. The Marijuana deal is not their deal, far from it. It’s a deal for PF leader and insiders.

This is not a deal liberating the rastafarians and those who smoke herb for religious and recreation purposes, no. Nor does it stop DEC from pouncing on you for simply being in possession of weed ball or smoking joint. This pro-weed policy should be seen for what it is, a license to open up and prop up the PF Cartel and its drug Barrons to enter and exploit the fresh multi-million dollar foreign market Marijuana offers, and that’s why there’s the whooping $250,000 prohibitive fee disguised as a lisence fee. Why? Only authorized drug king-pins with international connections can afford to participate.

It is really from Mukula Cartel, to Marijuana Cartel.

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