Chilufya is Too Dull To Think Through Stuff

Isaac Phiri writes

In a country which is now rated one of the hungriest and one of the most corrupt in the world and in a state where basic medicines are missing from Hospitals within the country we have an ignorant juniour General Practioner reigning at the sophiscated ministry of healthy.

This Minister is not only a thief but also a corrupt fellow to the core and now the same chap has suggested to open the doors to Marijuana trade. There is obviously something wrong with GP Chilufya and he is determined to ruin Zambia. He is a man on a mission to do whatever it takes to enrich himself in the shortest possible time and in whatever means he deems necessary, via corruption or otherwise.

This is the same chap who was associated with the 49 houses (not the 48).

What is wrong with this Fat-Cat? How far does he want to push Zambians? Isn’t Zambia a Christian nation? And where is the So called Minister of religious affairs? How unchristian must Zambia be before this corrupt and greedy minister stops this rot?

Under this PF Regime, Zambia has witnessed the worst type of government management since 1964. Under this regime, surely doom awaits Zambia. This should not be allowed.

Valden Findley has now been given a license to trade in his comfort zone of drugs freely. This is an open cheque for Findley. It is pretty evident from the amount of money being asked for the licenses that this whole excercise is tailor made for Finley and his friends like GBM to benefit from.

Bwana Chilufya, ask yourself this first. What will happen now that growing and trading in this drug has been officially sanctioned by your government? We know that this has become a lawless country where control of illegal businesses has become impossible as the main beneficiaries are the ones in power, indeed starting fron state house.

Stop this nonsense. If you cannot lead, step down. This is just not right

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