Desperate P.F. Chilanga MP Distributing Maize in Exchange for NRC’s

Desperate PF through the un honourable MP for Chilanga Maria Langa is busy distributing maize to desperate hungry citizens in exchange for maize.

PF wants to further defranchise many would be voters all over the country through this illigal, unacceptable, food for voters cards and or NRCs exchanges using hunger as a weapon.

The PF is already printing and issuing out a lot more NRCs than they are doing in the areas where the opposition is stronger.

This is systematic election rigging scheme through voter registration way before the actual voting day. Further now, PF pursues to engage an inhuman tact of exchanging NRCs for food against innocent citizens.

It is clear that Maria Langa, just like his boss, did not win the seat she occupies now as an elected official – MP for Chilanga. So her motive is clear.

This extorting of people’s NRC’s in exchange for food is inhuman and altogether criminal. Maria Langa has sadly joined the criminal activities which are a norm within the P.F. ranks.

This illicit exercise has commenced in Chilanga constituency. These are the unacceptable violations by any citizen let alone alone a law maker like Maria Langa against her own people.

How evil shall PF get as they scramble in punic to hold onto power which is clearly slipping off their hands daily.

The PF has only itself to blame for destroying the economy and clothing many Zambians in hardships. The wrong route of governing through corruption cannot work. It would be unfair to even blame the devil in this case. People Power Always Win.

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