Some senior UPND officials are betraying HH

December 23, 2019 
Dear Editor,
Please help me to expose some elements within the UPND who are betraying HH and the party. This is reliable information. The Patriotic Front using its special operations division has bought a number of UPND officials. These officials have been used to cause confusion and leak information to the patriotic front.
As I write this, this group of people has been given a special assignment to make sure that all loyal members close to HH are removed from the party or eliminated. Right now, the outspoken UPND youth Gilbert Liswaniso is battling for his life after members of the same cartel who are close to him put something in his drink which caused him a severe stroke. This operation was done at Backpackers restaurant near UPND Secretariat according to a reliable source in the system.
These people will soon start calling for the removal of national youth secretary Trevor Mwiinde and national youth chairman Likando Mufalali who have recently been mobilising heavily, something that does not sit well with the PF. This is not propaganda but the real situation on the ground. The situation in Western Province is even worse, the party made a very big mistake to adopt former MMD MPs, these people working together with Rupiah Banda have been assigned to destroy UPND in the province and for them so far so good.
I am reliably informed that there is a woman by the name of Cindy in the UPND national youth wing, I don’t know her position but this is the main contact person who has been recruiting members to this cartel. This woman is on a payroll under special operation of the Patriotic Front. Her main assignment for now is to destroy the party youth structures so that come 2021 PF will find it easier to win. UPND members are following this person unknowingly in fighting Hakainde Hichilema by targeting people loyal to him. Remember that guy Trevor Mwiinde was kept in prison during elections because they were afraid he was going to command youths to rise when votes where stolen. Going into 2021 the situation won’t be different. Recently the police tried to arrest him again in Chilanga but could not find anything serious to use against him.
A lot of senior party officials are part of this operation and if Hakainde Hichilema is not careful and succumbs to the pressure of removing members who are working hard, then he will be doomed. PF is doing everything possible to win 2021 and in 2020 some of these people will be seen openly. Watch out for people who are coming with money trying to get the Youth on their sides. And please tell HH to work on the situation in Western Province because the party is likely to lose popularity if the situation is not checked.
This is a timely warning take it or leave it. I’m a civil servant so I can’t come out in the open. A lot of civil servants are supporting UPND but HH is being betrayed by his members and we shall start exposing them because we want change.
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