I don’t know whether Kaizar Zulu was dropped or is still working with president Lungu – Siliya

Chief government spokesperson Dora Siliya has revealed that nobody knows in the Patrotic Front whether Kaizar Zulu was dropped or still is advising Edgar Lungu politically.
“I can not tell exactly about Kaizar if he is still working with the President because there is no official statement or letter up to now from state house about him being dropped or fired”, said Siliya.
Dora who is also Petauke Central Member of Parliament disclosed that she knows nothing about Edgar Lungu’s new chola boy (Zimba) amid pressure from general public that [he] Zimba should be disappointed after the appointment few days ago.
When asked about PF bill 10 they are trying to impose on citizens, Siliya said wide consultation was undertaken and nearly every Zambian is supporting the bill so it has to go through next year whether UPND likes it or not. (We wonder how this will be accomplished GIVEN THAT 2/3 rds MPs are required to support it for it to pass)
On Mukula tree dealing, Dora Siliya expressed ignorant though her facial expression reviewed that she is one of the beneficiaries.
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