Who is responsible for the poor performance of the Zambian Kwacha?

29103897_1320094164802168_3061207437366263808_nThe Zambian kwacha has been on the downward spiral since the PF led government came into power. The have succeeded in downgrading the Zambian currency to double digits relative to the dollar in less than 5 years of their rule.

The Lungu led PF government must take total ownership for this disaster in the currency’s performance. Someone once said that you cannot use propaganda to manage the economy for the exchange rate will always EXPOSE YOU. They therefore, cannot spin excuses and noises on why the Kwacha is failing.  They need to fix the failing economy that has reached junk status because of non existent and or failed policies.

Massive thefts of both money from the public purse, general mismanagement and theft of donor monies is a major part of the reasons why the kwacha is performing so poorly. The PF must therefore, take ownership of this disaster without reserve and stop trying to hide and scampering for excuses.

Several un orthodox actions by the PF led government continue to destroy the Zambian kwacha daily, a few are here pointed out in query format:

•How can the economy thrive when basic roads being constructed at over $800,000 per kilometer?

•How can the kwacha not fail with like illicit procurement such as the one for wheelbarrow-like fire tenders at $1.0 million per basic truck?

•How can the dollar cost reduce against the kwacha with procurement of the so called state of the art ambulances at over $253,000 per ambulance, when the Swedish Government procured the same at $58,000 each? The state of the art ambulances have not yet come. What has come are basic ambulances ba Chilufya!

•How can the economy thrive with crazy costs of Toll Gates at $4.8Million per site against a professional assessment of $245,000 each?

•How can the economy and kwacha perform with Chitotela and other fellow looters keep loads of Zambian kwacha hard cash in their homes rather than in a banks?

•How can the kwacha perform when Bwalya Ng’andu has only 10% of total national budget to operationalize government well? What miracles can come out of this?

•How does any well thinking individual expect positive results from PF with more crazy procurement loots in the Ministry of Health under Chitalu Chilufya?

The PF has failed to revive the Zambian economy amidst all the vast natural resources. Zambians error-ed gravely by granting a bunch of thieves the privilege to lead the nation.

The poor performance of the kwacha is not an act of God, it is due to clear failure by the PF led government to provide absolute mitigation avenues to champion favourable development of the Zambian economy.

Corruption cannot build a nation. Bowman Lusambo even said on radio, “when you steal, you steal for the future”. So these thieves are busy stealing for themselves from the poor. Therefore, the kwacha is failing. They cannot now come running to people and blame the poor performance of the kwacha which they themselves have presided over.

The High cost of living expressed through, High fuel prices, high mealie meal prices, high electricity tariffs, withdraw of students’ meal allowances, poor performance of the kwacha, un unprecedented 48 houses without owners, 49 housing units stolen by one,  illicit procurement, all being attended by just smooth talk by PF government. That shall not work. Zambians must act and reclaim the nation’s resources and control their own destiny.

There are no miracle that shall happen under the PF that shall uplift Zambians’ livelihoods. It is absurd for a farmer to expect a bumper healthy harvest if he leaves Monkeys in his field. Zambians let monkeys mwibala to manage their economic field. So the results are here and no further explanations are necessary. Lungu is their leader.

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