200% Electricity Tariff increase is Insane

Editor’s Choice

It is absolutely insane to increase electricity tariffs by 200%. This is the worst tariff increase Zambians have ever experienced since the establishmant of the Zambian Government. The pro poor PF is not living to its manifesto, it cannot take such an action and still claim to be true pro poor PF. It does not befit the real PF.

It is even silly for Daily Mail to run a headline as such.

Under PF regime, Zambians have experienced the most absurd form of Governance. No vision, more taxes of all kinds, forms and shapes compounded by all kinds of fees, not to forget double road taxation fomular (Toll Gate fees and Road Tax charges), bolehole fees, etc. altogether contribute towards lowering the standard of living among a people.

Zambia under the PF, has been carelessly borrowing and scrupulously applying the borrowed funds too. Most of all the negative outcomes in the current regime emanate from bad governance. The poor today are worse off than they were in 2011 and still downtrending. This is a fact.

Some of the worst ever policies towards the poor have been activated under the PF reign. There is no way an extreme electricity tariff increase can alleviate poverty, the opposite is true.

While a gradual tariff increase could have been of some help, it is also clear that ZESCO Ltd. is full of incompetent management. The current ZESCO management is the worst ever since ZESCO Ltd. was established in the 80’s. Under Victor Mundende, most of the experienced and well knowledgeable personnel have been removed from the institution systematically to secure incompetence.

The majorly Electrical Engineering corporation is being managed by an average Mechanical Engineer. This is absurd too. Definitely NO good can come out of such a mix of management. The worst bell sounds when ERB is in the mix for there it is only another sad and sorry story.

So PF, just reverse that silly decision of this crazy extreme increase of the electricity tariff by 200% and at the least start thinking of ways to operate ZESCO more efficiently. If that does not happen, the entire nation shall SINK.

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