How is a presidential salary reduced in Zambia?

In the same way it is increased, through legislation. A president’s salary in Zambia isn’t increased or reduced through  pronouncements, but through legislation. When President Lungu says he’s reduced his salary, the next question is, where is the legislation to go with that? No wonder he is now backtracking with the voluntary garbage.
Besides that, the president’s salary is only but a minuscule portion of how much the state spends on the president. It could be mistaken to be a step in the right direction. In fact, the question should be, are we going to have real cuts that actually help the treasury? Cuts in travel expenses, disposal of the expensive and unnecessary jet, allowances of various kinds, taxes, etc?
As it stands Bantu bandi, the pronouncement about his 20% salary cut is meant to fool Zambians. But lucky enough Zambians are watching and they know his game. They are saying; *2021* is for Zambians and Zambians will rise to the occasion! Game over.
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