PF Must Just Go – Next Year

By Harry Chongo – Freelance Journalist

The Snake Eating Dictator (SED) Edgar Chagwa Lungu is busy preparing for the 2021 general elections at the expense of currently governing the country with a free falling economic crisis. However, ECL the (SED) is glued to the 2021 elections target.

Lungu the SED, has invested not less than $5 Million in PF Regalia procurement currently being finalized in China while on the other hand he is hoodwinking Zambians by purporting to be cutting his personal salary against massive looting through corrupt Chinese contractors. He is shoving huge sums of money into preparatory maneuvers for the 2021 campaign.

As the Mast print media stated the other day, the PF regime is not currently governing at all, and everything has turned into a full blown PF 2021 campaign machinery. Sadly, the micky mouse actions of governance we notice are nothing but signs of a regime in rapid decline and ready to exit. You cannot govern a nation part time as this is a full time job for someone with knowledge and a vision.

The failure by the PF led government to get seriously engaged into attending to the obvious socio-economic challenges is obviously due to their focus on winning the 2021 general election and nothing else.

They want to win 2021 elections at all costs. Even to the point of death. Why? It is because they have grossly mismanaged the Zambian economy and have been so corrupt and inept to the point where the mess and associated pain they are inflicting on Zambians is unprecedented in the history of Zambia.

Shamefully, one seemingly educated PF minister Kafwaya even went as low as comparing the current suffering status of the people to those of the mid to late 80’s in KK’s time. How stupid can one be and how low can one sink? Zambians do not need comparatives of suffering but comparatives of successes and betterment of peoples lives.

PF’s time is up. PF must pack and leave. Kaunda’s governing regime, having been there for 27 years, built more infrastructure than any other since independence. It is the duty of the governing regimes to prudently invest in infrastructure in education, health and agriculture.

So there is no need for self praise and chest drumming for building a few roads, three hospitals plus clinics. Kaunda did a lot more. Do not waste your time trying to convince us of the so called development you have brought when all you are is a bunch of merciless thieves that are a part time government. For PF, infrastructure development is just their resource looting Avenue where massive corruption is arranged to siphon money from the treasury. So just stop it.

In the last two years alone, Zambians lost $417 million (FIC Report) in PF corrupt maneuvers. This is retrogressive for the nation and we will not let them sweep this under the carpet. In the last three years, the amounts stolen are closer to 2 billion dollars. Imagine what we as a country could have done with that money and the number of development projects it could have funded. There is nothing positive about this.

No wonder Snake Eating Dictator Edgar Chagwa Lungu and his minions are busy insanely campaigning to hungry Zambians assuring them that it’s okay to purchase mealie meal at K170 per 25kg bag.

The PF crop of leaders is just a disaster. Zambians deserve better. Enough is enough, come 2021, PF must just Go.

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