PF is rotten to the core and no single person can change it. 

By Bradley Chingobe
Its sad to note that some media houses are now floating a narrative that a Mwanawasa like leadership can change the PF.
Its important for Zambians to remember that we are where we are as a country, not because  of our gullible nature as a citizenry and our failure to read in between the lines.
One of the main reasons we have a leader such as Edgar Lungu is because of a newspaper called The Post.
The Post newspaper ran a tribally inclined campaign in support of Micheal Sata. The post and their Editorial team, maligned and mud slung any other prospective presidential candidate in preference to Michael Sata. We were inundated with Micheal this, Micheal that in their daily editions.
When UPND President Hakainde Hichilema emerged as a front contender, the post went on a vitriol tribal campaign where HH was labeled a tribalist and Tongas called promoters of Bantustans.
The Post eventually managed to take Sata to State House but in reality they helped deny Zambians of a progressive leadership under Hakainde Hichilema.
Its not a hidden secret of the ills of Sata’s regime. Sata gave you Alexander Chikwanda, the sole architect of Zambias economic downfall.
As if this wasnt enough, Sata entrusted Edgar Lungu with so many responsibilities that at his time of death, it was vividly clear that Edgar Lungu was his preferred successor. What Presidential qualities Sata saw in Lungu still remain a mystery to the country and even to Lungu himself.
Of course, Lungu has proven to be the worst president in the history of this country. The economy and standards of livelihood are at their lowest level since 1964. Corruption is now an accepted part of life in the corridors of power.
My point is, thanks to the Post and Fred Mmembe we now have the most inept government in Zambias history. Fred of course had his own agenda but he got swallowed by the same monster that he created.
Diggers dont seem to have learnt a lesson. Its important that Joseph Mwenda realizes that their role is not to be king makers but to inform, educate and entertain. They should not allow themselves to be used to drive agendas that will derail this country from its much needed developmental path. They should not fall prey to some agendas of some tribal cliques who want to usurp power under the guise of a “Mwanawasa in PF”.
Media houses should be a mirror of society. To quote Arthur Miller,
 “A good newspaper, I suppose, is a nation talking to itself.”
And right now the conversation amongst Zambians is “We are tired of PF. Let us try Hakainde Hichilema”.
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