When a Clown Leads a Nation.

This is what happens when a clown leads a Nation. He simply dances on podiums and performs as a clown would do while the nation’s economy sours. Without an ounce of shame Lungu dances boastfully with the Kwacha at K15 per US$1.0.

This is a typical case of a clueless selfish dictator who concentrates more on personal gain ahead of the national interest.

With time, the leader believes that by dancing around he amuses the masses and hopes that the people’s challenges will be forgotten and their attention diverted. He also ironically leads them into meaningless national prayers taking advantage of the christian nature of the core of this country.

Lungu proudly tows along a sack of money along with him at a public meeting teasing hungry citizens that only he has the ability to provide while clowning around on stage. What an absolute joke.

What is a total disgrace is the fact that citizens themselves don’t seen to realize that they are being hoodwinked and conned and instead start cheering for such idiocy as though it was a heroism. We as citizen need to recognize a con when we see one and we need to get out of this PF drunken stupor. Both the stage manager and the clown are a disgrace.

What happened to you Mr. Zulu? Where did you leave your brain to allow yourself to be used in such a manner? Where do you place yourself and your actions today?

Zambia deserves better. Dictator Lungu has brought so much suffering among the general citizenry. The cost of leaving has skyrocketed. Sadly drought has also not helped the situation.

But Lungu’s vision-less leadership and bad management that has drained Zambias resources. The country has well and truly gone to the dogs, rabid dogs.

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