The PF Crop of Rotten leaders Must Just GO

The current PF crop of rotten leaders has proved a disaster for Zambia in every way possible. Dora Siliya, for example, does not qualify to be a champion on issues of Governance.

Dora Siliya is the lead bitch in all this mess. She continuously insulted late Michael Chilufya Sata daily in the run up to the 2011 general elections, because she was the chief thief in the Zamtel Lapgreen scandal allowed and led by RB.

Now the PF has misappropriated a total of $417 million through corruption in the last 2 years alone. There is certainly nothing progressive about the spate of corruption scandals that has been the hallmark of this PF regime. There is nothing that can be salvaged from the current PF mess. The slate needs to wiped clean and a fresh start initiated.

Zambians have had to their ears and should not be subjected to this unprecedented mess. Enough is enough, come 2021, PF must just Go.

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