We insist: Only Iidiots and the corrupt will vote for PF – UNZALARU

By Rick Nchito
UNZALARU General Secretary Dr Kelvin Mambwe has reacted sharply to UNZA management’s response to his earlier position that only idiots will vote for the ruling party again in 2021.
Reacting to a statement by corrupt and compromised UNZA registrar Sitali Wamundila where the university has distanced itself from UNZALARU’s position, Dr Mambwe insisted that only idiots and the corrupt will vote for the ruling PF again.
“Like we earlier stated, we still stand by our position that only idiots and the corrupt will vote for the PF again in 2021. Tell me, who in his or her normal senses can wake up early in the morning to just go and vote for a party that has made life miserable for it’s people?” he questioned.
” These are failures who don’t deserve another opportunity to be in government. Enough is enough. They have killed the economy, they have killed democracy and they have killed people’s reasoning. And very soon, they will completely finish you in the media and that is why you are scared to even cover a person who speaks the truth. But for you Koswe, you have been consistent in being brave in your reporting. You report as someone says it.”
Earlier this morning, UNZA registrar Sitali Wamundila condemned UNZALARU’s outburst on government and the Institution.
“Management wishes to express its displeasure and disappointment with UNZALARU’s actions and condemns in the strongest terms, the stance and strong language attributed to the Union and its agents as published by the various media houses,” statement Wamundila.
“We wish to state that the position taken by UNZALARU does not in any way represent the position of Management and the University community. In as much as UNZA promotes academic freedom and freedom of expression amongst its staff members, it encourages and upholds civility as a mechanism through which conflicts are resolved.”
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