Chimanse Colluding With PF to Stage Rigging.

Madam Margaret Chimanse has been seen trotting around together with some special forces between her office and a special branch base unit in Lusaka West.

What is Margaret doing with soldiers and special branch if they are not into some election rigging schemes? There is no reason why the working schedules among the three units should be in sync. ECZ must be left alone.

Information reaching our desk indicate that a Chinese firm has been engaged to install interceptors of data and information during the 2021 General Elections.

The rotten PF are desperately trying every angle to try and stay in power. People power shall prevail. This is a bunch of pathetic human beings that will do anything to try and force their way back and impose themselves on Zambians.

In the current situation, it is better to vote for a frog than for this bunch of looting rascals called PF.

Suffering Zambians have endured much and do not need any more of this. Sadly this is not the worst . The real trouble lies ahead.

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