GP Chilufya drips Money like an IV line – Chilubi By-Election

Chief looter and campaign manager for the PF Chilubi constituency by-election Chitalu Chilufya is literally dripping money to seduce, buy and lure the electorate to vote for PF because PF has lost grip of the grassroots. In other words, he is there to bribe the electorate. Chilufya who is currently oscillating between  Samfya and Mansa is carrying loads and sacks of money for the Chilubi by-election.

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No validation has been made as to whether or not, this money being littered in the Chilubi by-election is part of the share of the kasaka Kandalama according to former disgraced Kafue Council Chairperson Mr Zulu.

It is not surprising to witness the loads of money being wasted in this fashion. We are not aware of any business Chilufya runs that can support such lavish expenditure and the large amounts of money being flashed loose onto the streets of Chilubi. This is all money illigally obtained from the treasury. It is now not a myth anymore but a fact that most of these funds being wasted in by-elections are stolen from the national treasury through corruption. With such loot, the PF has been drowning the Zambia’s economic performance. The outcome of the corruption and looting includes:

SN Item MMD-2011 PF-2020 Units of Measure
1 Mealie Meal 37.00 180.00 Kwacha per 25 kg Bag
2 Fuel Diesel 5.54 16.59 Kwacha per Litre
3 Bread 4.50 11.25 Kwacha per loaf
4 Kwacha 5.35 15.00 Kwacha per dollar
5 National Debt 3.35 18.00 Billion Dollars
6 Student Meal Allowances Paid Per Student sponsored
7 Fuel Subsides Granted None
8 Toll Gates None Plenty
9 Looting Minimum 417.00 Million Dollars in 2018/19

Chilufya has been a thief right from the beginning but one who entertains  thoughts that he can lead Zambia. Zambians have over the PF tenure wised up and will not let a useless fat cat to lead them. A general practitioner turned chief and looter of national resources cannot be allowed to be president.

The known scandals by Chitalu Chilufya are listed below though there are some that are still under investigation and have not yet been verified:

  1. He presided over the procurement of Ambulances at $288,000 apiece. Meanwhile similar ambulances were proved to be valued at $58,000 apiece. Meaning a total of $230,000 per ambulance was stolen corruptly under his watch per ambulance bought.
  2. He recently inflated the construction of a hospital by more than $20 Million in Luapula, when a similar hospital was built at just $35 Million
  3. Chilufya has been busy building clinics in rural areas at exorbitant costs at the expense of all Zambians. Purporting to be working, his main goal is to loot. Even when those clinics are completed there are neither adequate staff to run them nor medicines to support the few running.
  4. Chitalu Chilufya was involved in looting of drugs from medical stores. Currently there are no medicines in clinics and hospitals around the country and yet when Chilufya opens his foul mouth, a flood of lies ooze out regarding the availability of medicines. He is no longer sensitive to lying, he has no conscious anymore. But his wife is a christian of some sought. One would think she could help him. Chilufya is a qualified compulsive liar
  5. This is the same Chilufya who is believed to be the owner of the 49 houses (not the 48 because those are for madam .. xx).

Now time has come for him to try and secure the seat that fell vacant by the passing of madam Fundanga (RIP). Chilufya is dripping money like an IV line since he arrived on the Island. Contrary to the expectation, he is killing Zambians through instead of being the man they can count on as minister of health.

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