Extracts from Bill 10 – Public Discussion Organized by News Diggers

Venue: Hotel Intercontinental

Date: 17th January 2020

  1. Bill 10 is flawed and evil
  2. Bill 10 will take away power from people and give more power to PF and ECL
  3. Bill 10 has not been changed.
  4. Nakacinda’s report is not binding nor is it law. It is just a proposal. The select committee has no powers to change the bill. So bill 10 is intact contrary to some law makers literally laying to the masses.
  5. Bill 10 is all about prolonging PF stay in power. They have noticed that they cannot win 2021 the way the economy is going.
  6. The Current constitution with its flaws is a far much better constitution than introducing Bill 10
  7. Nakacinda’s committee rejected 15 articles out of 79, but it is not the numbers but the chaos each of clauses could have an effect
  8. PF are not talking about the clause which allows speaker to take over presidency when a petition is in session succeeding a disputed election. This is lethal.
  9. Constitution has 258 articles but PF looked at 79 only, again it is not the numbers but the negative effects the few can introduce into the governance issues
  10. PF and others pushing for Bill 10 have no convincing reason other than self-preservation motive
  11. Zambia is not in Constitutional crisis but in economic crisis. Therefore, works to revamp the economy must be priority 1.
  12. People Power and MPs together can stop PF from enacting Bill 10. The Current constitution has given Zambians power: Preamble and Article 2.
  13. Tutwa Ngulube has been lying to Zambians through various media houses that Bill 10 has been changed. This is hypocrisy of the highest order. Just tell the truth and the truth shall set you free. download
  14. The Zambia Chapter 1 NGO, UPND and the NDC have made it clear that they have rejected Bill 10 and shall on the side of the silent majority whose rights may be violated beyond measure. No No to Bill 10.

All peace loving Zambians and seeking a higher democratic standing and good governance must stand up and say No to Bill 10.

2 Comments on “I have not been paid all my money for rigging elections for Lungu, I need my balance of $200,000 or I will reveal all – threatens Chavula.”

  1. Chiwale
    January 28, 2017 at 8:40 am #

    Chulu Priscilla Isaacs and Chavula knew what was being done. Chulu must be stupid or he is just a corn not fit a father. Priscilla Isaacs is a Zimbabwean woman who must go and help prepare Mugabe handover power and not sit in our beloved country bringing in confusion


    • Mushala mutu
      February 12, 2017 at 4:10 am #

      Its 2 bad 2 mi hs a zambian nd only gd knows ds nd no one is abv law nd they must nt think dt sice there in Pwa zambia belong 2 them no nd even gd knows who won nd ubuchanjeshi bwa koko pungwa tasakamana ?


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