Tutwa Ngulube is now a Proven Fool

By a Concerned Citizen over Mediocrity

It is with deep regret that we have to finally release all the brakes and hold back we had on Tutwa Ngulube. State Counsel Sangwa what happened, how did that chap manage to even get a law degree? The dullness of Tutwa Ngulube supersedes that of Bowman Lusambo. While Bowman can be forgiven because he carries nothing worth talking about.

Tutwa Ngulube on the other hand is embarrassing the legal fraternity. He is becoming more of a disgrace on a daily basis. Just when people were beginning to cool off his last trip over statements, there he goes again with even a larger thump of a fall.

Please Tutwa go back to that shell you once were. Zambia was better off without you in this public domain. Just take a step back and perhaps reorganise your thinking threads to become relevant and useful. In your current form you are just a useless loud laughing stalk. You are just proving your foolishness on a daily basis. It is a pity you represent a large number of reasonable people of Kabwe Central constituency. People of Kabwe please select better next time, not such rubbish into the National Assembly. Zambians do not deserve to be represented by such a myopic dunderhead of a lawyer as a law maker.

Tutwa Ngulube, you have been laying to the public either out of total ignorance or deliberately in trying to out smart the millions of Zambians as regards Bill 10. Stop the lies you have been propelling on Bill 10. Bill 10 is still intact as was from the National Disaster Forum (NDF). You have been masquerading through many broadcasting media houses lying that Bill 10 had been changed when in fact not.

Lairs like you are not fit to represent anybody in parliament let alone even your own lying self because you are a danger to all including yourself.

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