Ritual Killings in Chingola sign of Failure by PF to Govern

By Samuel Ngwira

In his press statement UPND National Youth and Publicist Secretary Mr Ngwira has highlighted why the ritual killings are not being attended firmly:

The ritual killings that are taking place in Chingola and some parts of the Copperbelt are part of the systems failure under the PF government. These failures are now manifesting in anti-social behaviour and lawlessness in the country.

Typical of the PF blame game, instead of addressing the situation, we are once again aware of their attempts to link our party President Hakainde Hichilema to those criminals.

They blamed HH for electricity loadsheding, for lack of rains last last year, depreciation of the Kwacha, obviously they will now blame him for floods in some parts of the country.

We sympathise with the Zambia Police who are being abused by the PF regime by being indoctrinated into thinking that their role is to deal with opposition figures and those with dissenting views from those of the PF, instead of hunting down killers, the corrupt criminals in the PF and their surrogates.

We are very sure that if the PF heard HH was about to tour Copperbelt, there will be more security presence everywhere, perhaps this is what our President should do so that PF can send more security personnel for the benefit of all citizens on the Copperbelt.

We are equally aware of attempts to link HH to some imaginary ongoing treason case by some citizen.

All sorts of propaganda against HH such as privatization, gaysm, have failed hence the desperation to look for anything to link our President to any evil.

We want to warn the PF to stay away from our President. As citizens we will not allow another situation to humiliate him like they did during the bogus treason case last time. You are warned.

*Samuel Ngwira*

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