Malawian Judges Stand Tall

A momentous decision by the Malawian judges clearly shows us that they stand head and shoulders above most in Africa in the delivery of justice. This is a great achievement and it is hoped that better Elections Management will prevail in Malawi going forward.

This is in sharp contrast to the Zambian shameful presidential election petition handling where Palan Mulonda and his two friends, literally sold the country for a few pieces of silver due to their unprecedented greed. What a shame. For the Zambian case, history will continue to judge and expose both the corrupted ConCourt judges and those who initiated in the first place.

The current suffering of Zambians is unquestionable. The overall mess in the economy is glaring for all to see. The falling exchange rate has exposed the undignified failure by the PF led government.

The Malawian elections nullification verdict is supposed to be a lesson for most African leaders who want to continue to rule over a people who have rejected them.

There is also a lesson to African judges too and it is that they need to learn how justice must be administered. No extra petitions are necessary once justice is truthfully and not necessarily cleverly administered.

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