Bizwell Mutale wanted by SA Police for fraud & Money Laudering.

Bizwell Mutale is a South African based conman who is being investigated by a host of countries in the Southern African sub region, for fraud and money laundering.

Mutale and his company MKP SA is currently being investigated by the South African Financial Intelligence Centre for financial fraud in Mozambique, Swaziland, Bostwana, Namibia and South Africa itself. He bribes corrupt government leaders to single source contracts from him after which he subcontracts specialised contractors abroad who he cons to pay him upfront, after which he abandons the project and abandons the foreign contractors.

MKP South Africa in upmarket Johannesburg is run by himself and his wife with a small all female staff compliment. Three of these workers have sued Mutale in court for sexual harassment. His wife works without a work permit and is on South African immigration watch list for possible deportation.

As a result of all kinds of investigations dogging them, the Mutales avoid air travel and prefer traveling to Zambia and the rest of Southern Africa by road.

While he served as UPND South African Chapter 2021 – Branch Chairman, Mutale made grandiose promises to the party. However, none of which he fulfilled. For example, he pledged to buy every UPND Provincial Chairman a 4×4 vehicle but never fulfilled the pledge. Last month Mutale raised eyebrows in the PF when he made a policy announcement that load shedding would be a thing of the past within a period of 3 months which has since expired. Two days ago, he told Pemba residents that he would build hotels, schools and hospitals in Pemba within a period of 3 months. It remains to be seen if Bizwell Mutale will this time around meet his commitment.

Since moving to PF Mutale has already made promises in PF that he has failed to honour and claims it’s because the PF is trying to abuse him.

While giving out mealie meal to Pemba District, Mutale said there was never going to be a Tonga President as long as Lungu existed, thereby fitting in the narratives of Lungu himself.
Mrs Mutale has meanwhile been intimating to her friends that she’s on her way to being the next First Lady of the Republic of Zambia.

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