Who are the Greatest Tribalists?

Brebner Changala Writes

Chanda Nyela must be arrested for his tribal utterances criminal abuse against the Tonga people of Southern Province,just like Chishimba Kambwili was arrested for verbally abusing an Indian National.

On Chishimba Kambwili the police never wasted time to effect an arrest. What’s good for the geese is good for the gander.

Tonga people have been abused for far too long by criminals who think it’s their birth right to dominate the public and political space to the exclusion of other tribes like the Tongas,Lozis,Lundas,Kaondes,Mbundas and many more.

Just look at the number of political parties in Zambia and see who are the presidents of these parties. You will notice that they are all from two regions or one. Take a look at our Cabinet,just two regions. Take a look at permanent secretary level,majority are from two regions. Take a look at parastatals and the PF as political party. Who’s tribal? PF is a serious danger to our national union in diversity. But PF has shakled UPND with a tribal tag to instill fear in our electorate from the north and east part of Zambia. It’s the only political tramp card for PF whenever they smell eminent defeat at the polls. Shameful

When a Tonga or Lozi form a political party it’s immediately labeled a tribal entity. When a Bemba or Ngoni form a political party it’s called democracy and multipartism. NONSENSE!!!

Tribalist are loaded and overflowing in PF.

Twanaka Naimwe Pafula

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