PF Tribalism, a covenant of deep wichcraft.

As the PF intensifies its hate speech against fellow citizens, let Zambians remember that in 1991 and 1996 Southern Province was the only region that gave late President Fredrick Chiluba, a Bemba speaking President a 100% parliamentary vote. Not even Luapula his own region did that for their own son, and indeed no other region since Independence had supported a candidate outside their region than the Tongas did for President Chiluba.

They did not vote for him because he was Bemba speaking, but it was because they believed he had what it takes to move the country foward because he talked to them and convinced them. The PF tribalists conveniently hide this beautiful piece of deep  patriotism and selfless act by the Tonga people of Southern Province.

Zambians have made up their mind to vote for Hakainde Hichilema as the next President, not because of his tribe but because of his character and capacity to deliver. These criminals should understand that God has taken over the fight to liberate this country from the brokenness and divisions they have subjected citizens to.

The tribal hate speech being propagated by the PF through their political  thugs like Chanda Nyela, Bizwell Mutale  and Professor Nkandu Luo is  a camouflage and a contract with satan, to divert attention from the revelations by their former friend Seer 1, who has exposed them of who they really are; experts of wizardry and the underworld of Lucifer.  The tribalism and hate speech they are perpetuating is an evil manifestation of the witchcraft they practice which has been exposed.

It’s high time the PF came to terms with the fact that Hakainde Hichilema is the next President of Zambia in 2021. The atmosphere is pregnant with this indisputable  fact whether the PF drive the tribal agenda or not. Everything around PF is not only falling apart, but falling down in small pieces which they are attempting to pick up and mend with the tribal glue. It won’t work!

we urge all UPND members countrywide to continue mobilising the party because the ground is swelling in their favor. Don’t fear and don’t be discouraged by these vampires who wear black rings and attend so called ‘all white parties’ where they publicly perform immoral and evil acts in the name of partying.

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