PF Loses Credibility in Chilubi

The PF has used Zambia Police to hound out all political parties from Chilubi constituency so that the Snake Eating Dictator Edgar Chagwa Lungu can campaign alone. Where is democracy here? Who are the PF competing with in Chilubi? The program shared shows that only Lungu campaigns in Chilubi. This is a clear indication of how it is dawning on their corrupt little minds that the opposition command more respect from the electorate than they do. The long and short of it all is they are afraid. Afraid to face reality and bury their heads in the sand.

Where is ECZ in all this? Where are the ones appointed to facilitate free and fair elections? What has become of Lungu and the PF government?

The situation in Chilubi is worse than a mockery of democracy. It is worse than a one party state regime. It is the worst form of leadership in the history of this country for a christian nation purporting to be a democracy.

The PF have lost credibility to the general public and their leaders are now think that they can bludgeon their way to power by being a dictatorship.

PF has no message for the people to win an election. Any election for that matter and they can no longer compete on a plain and even platform.

Lungu is a true dictator. The christians for Lungu and their humble one must swallow the humble pie and admit it. There is nothing christian about Lungu. This dictator is a self centred criminally minded individual who is not fit to be a leader of a Christian nation.

Chilubi constituency has now become exclusive for Lungu alone to campaign. This is sad for Zambia. After suffocating the economy and reducing it to a rubble, now PF is abusing the police in the quest to secure Chilubi Constituency. What a bunch of cowards led by a frightened little Snake Eating Dictator.

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