Zambia Police – Among the Worst Police Service Providers in the World

The World Internal Security and Police Index has ranked the Zambia Police as one of the worst performing police services providers in the world.

Zambia Police ranks 112th out of 127 Police Service providers in the world. The Zambia Police after being heavily financed by the PF led government in a depleted budget, has become an oppressive too for the PF government and not a provider of internal security for citizens.

This is failure of the highest order. ZP had no capacity to protect Zambian citizens any more. The current commissioners are mostly mere political cadres who sing their masters’ songs.

Instead of maintaining Law and Order, nowadays the orders from above are maintaining the Zambia Police. This is exhibited in numerous incidences where persons with divergent views from those in power have been brutalised at the command of the high ranking officials.

In Chilubi after haunding out all opposition leaders to compete and campaign against himself, Egdar Chagwa Lungu was booed by citizens. He then ordered the Zambia Police to arrest citizens who did not agree with him.

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