Bizwell Mutale, a finger-puppet in Sunday Chanda’s hands.

WITHOUT question, Edgar Lungu has weaponized the Patriotic Front propaganda with the aim of assassinating the truth and deliberately mislead the citizens on real issues.

Mr Lungu’s latest volcanic tribalist, Bizwell Mutale who is part of his National Mobilization committee is a finger-puppet in the hands of PF’s chief propagandist, Sunday Chanda.

But looking at Bizwell’s body language and countless blunders he made during his presentation at the PF Interactive Forum with the Media, one could not help but laugh at Mr Lungu’s new puppet in action and fighting for relevance.

The jelly spined, Bizwell entangled himself in a theory about *’president of this or that tribe’* a subject he least understands, and we want to put it plain and simple, hoping he shall comprehend. If a Member of Parliament or Councillor is voted into office in any part of Zambia, nobody represents a single tribe in the Council Chambers or in Parliament because people do not contest elections on the basis of tribe, but to provide leadership.

If voting was based on tribe, senior citizen and former Vice President of the Republic of Zambia, Dr Guy Scott could not have served as an MP for Mpika in 1991 under the MMD. And contrarily to Bizwell and PF’s misleading belief, each Member of Parliament or Councillor represents the ward or constituency with different ethnic groupings who poll a collective vote for a leader of their choice.

In any case, Bizwell’s misguided theory about *’president of this or that tribe’* is not the national debate at hand. What’s in the dock of truth is the entire PF’s volcanic tribal remarks against the people of Southern province being championed by Mr Lungu!

Here is the naked truth! The UPND president, Hakainde Hichilema’s victory which Mr Lungu stole in 2016 was not achieved from ‘three’ provinces as the PF want the people of Zambia to believe. If it were so, why would Mr Lungu ‘beat’ Mr Hichilema by only 100, 530 votes out of a total of 3, 781, 505 votes cast going by Electoral Commission of Zambia highly questionable official report of 2016?

Needless to educate Bizwell, but his president Mr Lungu plus the MMD support got 1, 860, 877 from ‘seven’ provinces while the people’s president Mr Hichilema got an impressive 1, 760, 347 from ‘only three’ provinces. The question is, how could that be?When we consider alarming scales of electoral irregularities and the serious absence of transparency in the counting, transmission and announcing of the official ECZ 2016 presidential results, Mr Lungu ‘won’ with shy 13, 000 votes which shall remain highly questionable all the way to his grave.

And Mr Lungu knows that he stole Mr Hichilema’s victory in 2016. Are Zambians not surprised that the ECZ Chairperson, Esau Chulu has not apologised to the nation for announcing wrong results in Lundazi which favoured Mr Lungu against Mr Hichilema?

Bizwell has zero political clout to push a PF master minded tribal theory to qualify Mr Lungu’s divisive agenda. His frantic attempts to defuse the tribal boom of division that he dropped in Pemba to divert the nation attention from witchcraft and demonic powers in Mr Lungu’s government will not work at all. There is no amount of PF engineered propaganda that Bizwell will produce from his immature political mouth that shall wipe away the tears of shame he shed when he broke down during the announcement  of his resignation from UPND to join PF on 27 July 2019 at Pamodzi Hotel in Lusaka.

Lastly, all the Councillors and Members of Parliament in Zambia, including the President do not represent their respective individual tribes but all the people of this great nation in *servant leadership.*

To Bizwell; the respect and political status that Mr Hichilema is currently enjoying is as a result of his hard work, honest conduct as a politician as well as the national character of the UPND being the only alternative government to a failed PF project.

This great son of the soil, Mr Hichilema whom Mr Lungu and the entire PF love to hate is the immediate next president of the Republic of Zambia by the power of the ballot. Mr Lungu’s visible tribal hate towards President HH only qualifies him for duty, come 2021.

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