Bowman Chilosha Lusambo has to be mature and careful with his speech.

By Jonas Shakafuswa

A lot has been said of Hakainde which he is not. Politically inclined persons have called him names. HH has learned some of the hardest lessons in the Political arena. He has matured from being a Novice who was used by tribal elements in the then UPND to further their interest to a mature Politician who today understands what it take to lead the Country.

He came in as a Tonga, today he knows that being Tonga can’t make him win an Election. But being Zambian can. HH collaborating with SEER1? Very laughable. SEER1 mentioned which Party has brought the Satanic spell on this Christian Nation. So bringing in Hakainde is very laughable and an endeavor in futility. For your information Zambians are very annoyed today with your Leadership.

No one but yourselves are sowing seeds of an uprising in the Nation. This can be avoided if you start behaving like human beings. Hakainde would only be foolish to set the Country ablaze as then there will be no winners. It takes time to bring a Nation to stability after an uprising. Stop being divisive. The Politics you are Championing are very divisive. Your arrogance has reached intolerable levels. You are your own enemies.

Not UPND. Even well meaning PF member are seeing it. Today you have blocked the well meaning ‘Chairman’. Bury your heads in the sand today. Tomorrow will be too late to comprehend the happenings. You will take an easy way of blame apportioning. Be Leaders and not Bosses.. This Country can accommodate all of us.

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