Gassing, a stage Managed PF Scum

Gassing perpetrators in brand new Toyota Hiluxes

Residents in Mutendere stayed up all night in fear as rumours went around that people were being gassed.

Witnesses say the perpetrators drove around in three brand new Toyota Hiluxes without number plates. The residents also say the vehicles drove past police without being stopped.

Information received so far has confirmed the gas is the one used in theatres in hospitals.

One wonders how a group of simple compound people can store and even administer such a gas in brand new Toyota Hiluxes and driving past police without being stopped without one concluding that the State might have a hand in this.

A number of Intelligent officials have come out in the open to warn Zambians that this whole entire saga is stage managed by the PF. The plan is to create a heightened scenario that will warrant the Declaration of State of Emergency. With the State of Emergency, the police can then arrest the so called perpetrators and hold them for prolonged periods without trial. The police would then arrest key opposition people, the target being HH and Kambwili and by linking both to the gassing. Sources say the PF plan is to have both individuals eliminated.

Some officers from the intelligence wing who are upset with this plan are warning Zambians and want Zambians to know that this whole gassing is stage managed that is why no one has been charged so far and taken to court. This gassing is meant to continue until HH is arrested together with Kambwili.

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